Why Us

Our varied set of traits distinguish us from the remaining.


Wenger and Watson Inc. embodies the principles of Trust, Integrity, Commitment and Unmatched Delivery Benchmarks. As a Company, we encourage respect for one another through the management of diversity, we will honor our commitments with our employees, work cohesively as a team, promote open communication and value individual ability and equity.


The quality and relevance of resumes are assured at Wenger and Watson Inc. as to how the right candidate is precisely targeted, as well as how the aspirant is perfectly matched with the subjective and the objective parameters specified by clients is a special skill that we bring to the table.


Timelines are committed so as to be in line with the client’s level of urgency and how do we set better benchmarks. Wenger & Watson Inc. goes a step further where we strive to beat that committed deadline by allocating focused attention of our consultants to quicken the delivery process. This is made possible largely due to an inherent nimbleness in the organization. The shorter reaction times are further enabled by a high degree of market knowledge.


Consultants at Wenger and Watson Inc. are highly skilled and trained to handle some of the most complex and technically challenging assignments given to them; an area which gives us an competitive edge over other consulting firms. In fact, history has proved beyond doubt that the more complex the specifications, the more we seem to relish it. This not only serves as a better business opportunity but also an accomplishment to further existing opportunities.


Innovation is a way of life at Wenger & Watson Inc. Whatever be the activity, consultants look at performing differently to maximize the ROI of our clients. This is the very essence of everyday functioning at Wenger & Watson Inc. wherein, every assignment undertaken, involves a constant effort to innovate rigorously so that the closures are in synchrony with the clients' expectations.

“Wenger & Watson Inc has been instrumental in providing us with the best resources for different Business Units. Their approach to handling issues and requirements are very mature, with ethics being the most significant part of the transactions."

-Senior HR Manager, Web Services company.